NOVEMBER 22, 2003



A Fall from the Clouds
Director: Craig Herron
USA, 2003, 6:28 minutes

A mini-epic about a young

French girl and a British pilot
whose romance is imperiled by
the maelstrom of WWI.


Silver Telly Award 2003
Best Animation, Red Bull Independents Film Festival 2003

Intelligent Life
Director: Jeff Spoonhower
USA, 2002, 6:20 minutes

Does intelligent life exist? A
clumsy robot, a ship full of micro
aliens, and a troupe of showbiz
clams have the answer.


Best Animated Short, South by Southwest Film Festival 2003
Nominee, Student Academy Awards 2003

Red Vines
Director: Evan Mather
USA, 2001, 3:50

Hand drawn and computer
generated imagery is coupled
with the music of Aimee Mann
to tell a simple story of love
on the sidelines. "Red Vines" is
a standout track from Aimee's
recent album Bachelor No.2.

Best Music, Festival du Film d'Internet 2002

Tom Hits His Head
Director: Tom Putnam
USA, 2003, 10:15 minutes

Ever since Tom hit his head, he's
been getting dizzy spells, indulging
in eBay, and having conversations
with the devil.

Grand Jury Prize, Best Comedy, Aspen Shortsfest 2003
Spirit of Slamdance Award, Slamdance Internat'l Film Festival 2003

Dear XXX
Director: Daniel Cavey
USA, 2001, 9:00 minutes

One man alone in his house with
his record collection. In an attempt
to get closer to himself and his
he has not left in over a year.

Official Selection, Microcinema's Independent Exposure Series 2003

Director: Ari Gold
USA, 2001, 22 minutes

In the aftermath of a helicopter crash,
a young man tries to remember his
mother's face. An autobiographical tale
of love, rock 'n' roll, and loss.

Gold Medal Winner, Student Academy Awards
Grand Prix du Jury, Aix-en-Provence Short Film Festival

Director: Brett Bell
Canada, 2002, 13:00 minutes

A dark comedy-drama with a pinch
of absurdism, "Blueberry" is the story
of a woman and the effect one man
has had on her life, set in an out-of-time


Best Drama, Sea to Sky Film Festival 2003
Best Narrative Short, Great Plains Film Festival 2003